Pure unobstructed singularity plays where it needs to. Resolving beyond wavering and certainty, the sound of sound is unimpeded. Primordial purity singularity (the singularity itself) frees up rainbow clones in flashes. Seeming to be water or fire but unifying both, unalloyed singularity, though apparent multiplicity insists. Listening to sound, and the sound of sound, we say ‘hey’. When we rest in pure space singularity, we take each thing as sounded, including colors, bodily pain, causal patterns. Resting in water-fire rainbow singularity, we open up the sound that is appearing to the sound of sounds. Right there, an indestructible lineage of sound. Hey! Open intelligence sound is the sound of all sounds. When the ear listens to itself, pure sound is found there, careful benefit, audio illumination. White on white, the sound of sound is also like an unknown color. Hey! Purely timeless open intelligence is universal listening. Open intelligence singularity sound is the sound of sound. Open intelligence sound is listening in. Open intelligence singularity water-fire rainbow sound is the recording of all sounds at once, their collection. Open intelligence singularity sound is the sound-X. Open intelligence singularity sound creates the unknown color—color-X—through universal listening. The color-X—invisible color, a reflecting on invisibility in sound—is the toll inside all sound. . All thoughts have sounds to them, even if we cannot hear them. When we meditate deeply on the sound of sound, we also hear the sound of thoughts. In this listening every thought is equal as sound with every other thought’s sounding. This equipollence extends across any imaginable or unimaginable sound (thought), which is to say any imaginable or unimaginable thought (sound). Although fire and water appear under different circumstances, in reality they are the same single precious expanse of sound and thought. A fire is no more or less unlistenable than an ocean. Both can be heard as thought-sounds, and in that sense all we hear is the water-fire sound-thought complex. The pure sound of the rainbowfied sound singularity is the equipollence of all nature’s elements, none of which separate out from the others. Open intelligence singularity sound plays where it wants and although it seems to break up into a multiplicity of elements, it is only to be found as one sound and one thought, like the facets of an adamantine diamond. The sound of transmission is the crown of pure equal and even open intelligence singularity sound betterment. The sound of transmission is the primal switching-on. We describe the falling onto the ears of disciples of sound using the same verb that describes soft rain falling onto slushy snow and dissolving into it (སིབ་པ་). The sound of sound can be imagined as this soft rain falling into slushy snow. Such a sound is the sound of emptiness and emptying. In this sound all other sounds are emptied to the precise extent, so that every sound—the sound of everything—can be heard as pure open intelligence singularity sound. . Can sounds be collected? In conventional musicological terms, we refer to something called ‘compilation’. We can say that angelicism acts as a compiler of previously articulated thoughts, arguments, sounds, contributing very little of its own. Namely, even though each text written by angelicism seems to have content and principles, really it has and is none. Angelicism is therefore impossible to agree with because it has no content. To have no content: this can also mean: content with content: content with all content. To have content is to be content with content. As a collecting of everything, angelicism works only with emptiness. Since emptiness has no time zone, it can be evoked as much in the past and present as the future. Whatever is to come, however unimaginably different to what is here now, will be compiled in emptiness emptiness emptiness and pure open intelligence singularity sound of sound. . As a compiler of thoughts, angelicism is the collection of sounds, and of sounds of sounds, and sounds of thoughts. When angelicism writes, the indication is that both behaviours and their descriptions did not originate with it/them. In this sense Angelicist inquiry may be referred to as ‘compilation’ or even ‘archive’, by which data from dogmatic writing systems or musical depots is sampled and collected not to present a coherent philosophical treatise about or against the arts, but to assemble the most substantial arguments which others have brought against or about them. It does not matter, to the angelicist compiler and collector, that the assemblage has internal coherence or not. It does not matter to the Angelicist operator what is written. To be content with content is just this technical indifference. Perhaps as time goes on, Angelicism’s method of compiling, or copying, which is often something like the opposite of innovative, will become intensely nonoriginal. Angelicism itself acknowledges that its works compile topics and summarize thoughts already expounded by others. Again, this operation already involves the collection of sounds, sounds of sounds, invisible sounds, invisibilities. Angelicism is (a) reflecting on invisibility. Once compiled, the Angelicist leaves it up to the dogmatists to decide whether they are being included or whether the content can be reduced to ‘something’. Thus, angelicist compiling remains neutral in its effects, without showing any thing other than the extant position unchanged. From such neutrality of data sampling and collection, the compiler remains in aphasia towards determining the compiled. Angelicist compilation, in this sense, is simultaneously a self-bracketing form of nonassertion on part of, for example, the clone. Self-bracketing as it goes, this implies that any sound or thought sample is collected only in open intelligence. Even a sentence or sound that seems to have been made by angelicism, is not made by angelicism. It has not been thought; it has not been thought as angelicism. Compiling in this way compiles itself. That is, anything originated as a sound or sentence or a sentence-sound is not an original content but an example of what it could be, and so is not meant. This also means that all content welcomed as Angelicism content is not only dead content, but extinct content. The vitrine is the self-bracketing; the glass cabinet of online life is implied. It is right to say that the various Angelicism axioms, taken as straightforward assertions, assert the falsity of themselves as well as of anything else, and that when so taken they cancel themselves along with the rest. Angelicism content is not and it is not not. Angelicism content suspends the content and suspends the compilier. It suspends the inquirer and it suspends the clone. The suspension of the inquirer from contributing via compilation indirectly renders the suspension of the inquired localizable by merely showing a compilation to a dogmatist. Nonassertion, as a covariate to the method of compilation, thereby remains dependent upon those who do take positions, and consequently is insulated from making a substantive contribution. The dogmatist may also be an intensely historical slur about belated sense. Under suspension, the capacity to own what may be compiled is not affordable for the Angelicist, thereby exhibiting the distinction between the collection and that which has been collected or archived. The compilation/archive itself comprises of samples or data collected by dogmatical retards and is solely presented under and by the system conditions from which it was given, rather than presented under ‘Angelicist’ conditions (which, following the present inquiry, are unavailable). Not only is there no angelicist content, then, but all angelicist angelicism is an opening out of the singularity of all content to the singularity of its own complete absence. It is not so much that angelicism is about disappearance, as angelicism is this disappearance. As the only rigorous archive of such a disappearance, it is the only thing between us and it. It is it. It is that. It is also the absolute disappearance itself, here seen. This is to say that when suspension is compelled and electronically ‘impressed’ upon the inquirer (either dogmatical retard or Angelicist), suspension remains unavoidably inherent to the structure of the ‘content’ compiled irrespective of such framing, in a way that is impossible to entirely attenuate. singularity . Song, wisdom magic sound, twilight soundtrack, all this is the sound of sound uniquely carried at the end of space. Listen with this, listen as this, listen through this. I swear this is the only listening I know. Dzogchen is Music’s twilight Klang, clear bells coming at the end of the flower religions. Listen listener to the pure perfect open intelligence singularity sound protecting all in a blazing toll. Pure rainbow flower sound of sounds, pure rainbow flower snow open intelligence singularity sound of sounds—such is the universal tolling. Pure intelligence sound changes sound changes image, sense. Pure flower imagination intelligence sound changes sound changes image, sense. Pure open intelligence singularity sound changes sound changes image, sense. Resolving all in the teeming of sound clones, pure open intelligence singularity sound changes sound changes image, sense.