-'comatose' exhibition, series of multi-media paintings, in submission for exhibition 'artrage' organised by queen victoria musuem of art, jan-nov 2022

-potluck 01 - @solo_show, @rhizomeparkinggarage, organised by @greedy_rigor - march 2023

1/12 1/12 1/12 <3

-series of digital talisman, with intent of purification and hopeful blessings, march 2023

talisman one talisman two talisman three

-international valentine card swap, organised by @greedy_rigor <3 feb 14 2023

-'comatose dream realm', a cocoon in digital form for viewing and exploration, april 2023

-on my computer digital exhibition organised by @heaven_interface, june 2023

-'mariyasha's cabin'- aus based exhibition, june 2023

-'portals' by aemmonia, a digital zine for mariyasha's cabin,

-an essay in collaboration with @xleepyfav for do not research publication, 2023

-digital exhibition for @hyper_didactic and @on_my_computer, nyc june 2023

-potluck 02 exhibition for @rhizomeparkinggarage and @solo_show, organised by @greedy_rigor